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Other Offerings at Fear Town Haunted House

  • Axe Throwing: Test your aim and unleash your inner lumberjack as you hurl axes at the target.
  • Break-a-plate: Channel your inner sharpshooter and shatter plates to win exciting prizes.
  • Captured Souls: Team up with a friend in this intense 2-person game as you work together to prevent restless souls from escaping into the unknown.
  • Feed the Beast: Gather your group for a multiplayer shooting game where the one who feeds the most balls into the beast’s menacing mouth claims victory.
  • Mini Escape Rooms: Immerse yourself in mini escape rooms designed to challenge your wits and teamwork, with each thrilling escape taking just 3-5 minutes.
  • Zombie Archery: Take aim and knock over zombie heads in this spine-tingling archery experience that will put your skills to the test.
  • Wax Hands: Create eerie wax hand molds as a memento of your haunting visit.
  • Hot Seat: Step into a two-minute escape room challenge where you must sit on a button and unravel the mystery to escape within the allotted time.
  • 4D Asylum: Immerse yourself in a spine-chilling 4D experience where you’ll sit on the edge of your seat for the entire show, reliving the horrifying experiments endured by patients in historical asylums.
  • Wristraint: Take a daring plunge into this heart-pounding 5-minute escape challenge. Guests place their wrists into a mini guillotine, where they have just five minutes to devise an escape plan. With only one winner, can you outwit the impending danger and emerge victorious?
  • Caricature Artist Dani: Let Dani capture your essence in whimsical caricature form, creating personalized keepsakes to remember your visit to Fear Town Haunted House.

Please note that not all games and experiences may be available on every night of our event, and our offerings are subject to change.